Go All The Way

The Decision to Try

Go all the way once you’ve made the decision to try. Sometimes you may feel lonely. But life is always by your side. It may happen that suddenly your neighbor knocks on your door because she wants to make you smile. That can easily happen in Georgia, especially on Easter, the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

Go all the way once you decided. Life reminds you that it is by your side, especially in Georgia.On this day my neighbor knocks on my door and presents me with cake, salad, lunch and wine. She knows that I am alone at night with my fears, my gods and demons, because I decided to try. Going all the way could mean losing your girlfriend, your relatives, your job and sometimes even your mind.

Go All The Way

Everything is a test to see how much you truly want it. Life doesn’t happen to you. Life happens for you. And Georgia is the place that reminds you that you are not alone in this world.

Do what you’ve decided to try, with love and trust, even against all odds. Believe me. It will be better than anything else you can imagine right now. Go all the way. You will ride life to perfect joy.

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