The future that belongs to you

The Rock Bottom of Your Life

“But why losing?’ my friend asked me. “Because failure sets me free,” I answered. “Being rejected by a woman or having just a few dollars left in my pocket and still being a happy guy is the rock bottom experience for my future. On this journey, I confront my deepest fears of being nothing, alone, or everyone laughing at me. If life pushes me down again and again, that’s fine. You and I are like iron, forged by the creator of the universe in the embers of life.”

Failure Sets You Free

Failure strips away all that is unnecessary, allowing you to focus your energy on what you truly want to achieve in life. You can pursue the goals that are truly yours because you no longer care. You can engage in the creative work you aspire to and rebuild your life based on your rock bottom experience. There is no other future but the one that belongs to you.

Don’t avoid failure. Embrace who you are.

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