Bobby – A BNI Story

Bobby in the
Forest of Indecision

A Story about Hope, Help and High-Spirited Marketing

Bobby walk through the dark forest when he saw a starving cat.

Bobby was desperate. He had been walking for days, he was lost and then he found a little cat, starving in the middle of the woods. Her skin was haggard and her meowing was heartbreaking. „Oh poor little puss. I guess you have lost your way. Let me help you”, said Bobby. He took of his heavy backpack and opening a sidepocket he shared the last of his food with his new hungry little fellow. They sat together under an old spruce tree. Water was dripping from the branches. The forest was dark and cold.

A New Fellow and the Well Dressed Man

Bobby petted the little cat which was now happy eating Bobby’s last chicken sandwich. „I wonder where we are? Do you think we are lost?“, said Bobby to the little cat. „I had the same question when I sat under this spruce just like you.” Bobby looked up frighened. Suddenly there was a man in front of him, smiling and talking to him. Something was strange about this man. Bobby looked closer. Somehow he managed to have dry clothes while the forest was soaking wet. He seemed to be in his own dry safe space. And he was wearing smart clothes and a fancy hat.

„And what answer did you get?“, Bobby asked puzzled. “You are stuck in the woods of marketing indecision”, said the well dressed man. “Bobby, do you remember when business life was easy? When customers simply walked through the door? These were the times when people in the world outside had plenty of money to spend for any kind of stuff. But business has changed and you need to make new decisions”, said the well dressed man.

You Have to Choose Your Way

„What kind of decisions?“, asked Bobby curiously. „Well, you have to choose your way”, said the well dressed man and pointed at the trail where he had come from. „Follow that path and you will find more answers”, he said with a mysterious voice, turned around and continued his way. The man called to Bobby before he vanished: “Good luck Bobby. May the decision be with you.“

The man was gone and the little cat finished her meal. She looked curiously at Bobby, purring and snuggling. „Okay, you heard him. Let‘s go!“ Bobby put on his backpack which felt lighter than before and with the cat perched on his shoulder he once again went on his way through the dark, wet woods. As they walked the trees began to thin out and and as sunshine twinkled through the branches they came to a clearing in the forest with a massive stone in the middle.

The Clearing

„What a beautiful place.“ Bobby was surprised. He felt the warm sun on his skin and the smell of fresh herbs filled his senses, his little cat also delighted began jumping around chasing butterflies. As Bobby put down his backpack a man in a red robe and a white beard walked out of the woods and into the clearing. Though the man was smiling he seemed very dignified and he radiated confidence. „Welcome to the clearing of your next decision, Bobby.“ Bobby was incredibly surprised.

Wise Man: „Let me ask you a question.“
Bobby: „Yes?“.
Wise Man: „What do you think about marketing?“
Bobby: „About ….what?“
Wise Man: „Marketing.“
Bobby: „Ehm, not much, I think. I trust in my skills as a fashion designer you see. One day people will know about my suits by themselves.“

“How Many Customers do You Have?”

Bobby was proud of his work. He spread his arms and presented an elegant suit he’d made.

Wise Man: „I see. Wow! Interesting ideas and quality stitching! I marvel at your craftwork young Bobby!”
Bobby: „I’m glad you like it.” Bobby smiled. “Ehm, not to be rude but can I ask you what do you want?“
Wise Man: „Yes. Of course. I want what you want Bobby. It’s obvious that you have great skill …but do you have many customers?“
Bobby: „Not a lot…not many really“, he said a little bit embarrassed.
Wise Man: „How do you share what you have with this world when nobody knows about your quality suits?“
Bobby: „Ehm I don’t know exactly, with good fortune perhaps?”
Wise Man: „Well, here it is, good fortune, right in front of you.“
Bobby: „You mean …..that stuff, marketing?“

Wise Man: „Yes. Exactly. Marketing. Times have changed Bobby. Today people are busy, distracted by the news, by information that does not often serve them. They do not even notice when life knocks at the door trying to make it easier or that they could have more beauty in their lives. New times need new answers Bobby.“


Bobby: „But there are so many options in “marketing” and I do not know which one to choose. What is the right way? Who can I trust?”
Wise Man: „You remember the fellow with the dry clothes you met under the wet spruce tree? He is an entrepreneur just like you. And he too had a problem“
Bobby: „What problem?“
Wise Man: „He was unable to make a choice. To go for it. He was stuck in the forest of marketing indecision. You are overwhelmed and lost with too many choices. You need to decide.”
Bobby: „What if I make a bad choice?“
Wise Man: “Yes, you might not make the best decision but if you don’t make any decision then here in the woods you will stay. It is not about the perfect decision. It is about the best decision you can make now. It’s about trusting in the expertise of the people you choose to help you.“

Bobby felt strange like he was dreaming. But he saw the truth in the words of the old wise man. And he was desperate with his business. He came from college and decided to go his own way starting an own fashion brand. But things got complicated. His suits are great, he knows. The customers he has, they love them. But he needs more customers. Otherwise he can‘t pay the bills any more.

Wise Man: „Look, people are living in digital dreamworlds these days spending time on their technical devices. So you need something to get their attention. I know the right place for you to find the people who can help you Bobby.“
Bobby: „Where? Who?“

Choose Your Experts

Wise Man: „Where? The BNI. These are the people you are looking for. These experts can tell your story to your new audience. Go Bobby. Go to Mallorca International.

There you will meet Philip, the professional photographer who can organize fashion shoots, together you can create incredible photographs that people will marvel at and the images will focus their attention on your fantastic suits.

You will meet Frank the copywriter. He persuades your audience by words for closing business. Frank tells your story in a way your customers feel good therefore they need a new handcrafted suit by Bobby the man with the good heart and the awesome design for a new time.

You will also meet Anita, your powerful Social Media expert. With her magic that content will be in the hands of your clients – Instagram! Facebook! She puts your pictures and story on all these little devices they are looking at all day long. And most important she takes care of your audience by answering their questions, chatting with them and keeping contact.”

Your Decision

The old wise man had explained to Bobby how Quality Content and Social Media could help him to leave the dark forest of marketing indecision. “And, what does it cost?”, Bobby asked cautious. “Ask different questions Bobby like: With marketing how much more money might you earn? What can you do with that extra money, where can you invest? So Bobby. Wake up. Take action and leave this forest behind. It‘s your decision.”

Bobby saw a brighter day in front of him. He continued his journey out of the woods of indecision towards a new bright future.


[The End]


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