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... the daydreamers, fantasists, visionaries, hopeful fortune seekers, adventurers, optimists, outsiders, eccentrics, loners, rebels, nonconformist individualists, and extraterrestrials

Sometimes life hits you hard, almost knocking you down, right? I know that feeling. It happened to me for years. The good news is: I can change it, every day anew, and if I can, then you can, too.

With this website, I want to inspire you to believe in yourself and your dreams. I dared to do the seemingly impossible for myself, and I’m still alive. It’s not always perfect because I’m still fighting for my freedom. But with each day, each misstep, and each defeat, it gets easier. It becomes easier to take setbacks because I am on the path that I walk from my heart, no matter what.

If you want to see that even an ordinary average guy can surpass himself and find his happiness, then you’re in the right place. Here, you can flip through my diary:

There is a new color to life

Reality is changing – You can feel it, as well What you are about to read now might seem a little bit strange to you. But you are here, sharing this moment in time and space with me and therefore you feel the same: The shift of reality that is happening right now. I can […]

Time to Fly Again

What a broken car has to do with the gut feeling Susi now has 283,175 kilometers on the clock. Its engine runs smoothly. The clutch is fine. The car is absolutely reliable. Many thanks at this point to Jorge Martins and his workshop team. Jorge repaired and checked my car with trailer before the journey. […]

Nature knows no goals

Ten goals I won’t keep all? No thanks So, here it is, the New Year. How are your resolutions going? What about your goals for 2024? I don’t know about you, but goals only work halfway for me. What brings about real change in my life is moving in a direction. I prefer working on […]

Be Careful With Assumptions

NEW ON YOUTUBE: A friend once told me: "Be careful with assumptions. They can keep you in a mental prison." Finally I chose to listen to the silence and this is what happened.
A friend warned me about assumptions.


On The Way to Tibet

The destination is the sacred Mount Kailash

Feeling and Thinking Anew

Because boundaries are merely a projection of the mind

Vrindavan in India

Visiting an old friend in the temple there

Life as my Master

The journey itself is the destination

Living the Dream

Because fear is a prison with an open door

Back Home

Unconditional love is the home of our soul

Accompany me

You can learn more about the ‘why’ in the following podcast. Moderator Adrian Hoffmann invited me to his podcast ‘Adrian lädt ein…’ and we talked about the journey (in German):


If I can inspire you or if you simply enjoy stories, you’re in the right place. On this website, you’ll find exciting and heartfelt narratives, as well as pictures and videos from the journey.

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